Faber Castell PITT Pastel 273 112173, Warm Grey IV

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Faber Castell® Germany

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Faber-Castell`s Pitt Pastel Pencils are very suitable for lines, shading, and delicate color transitions, and also for extended areas. Use them for sketches, studies, portraits, still-lifes, and landscape drawings.
They give a smooth flow of color without being used up too rapidly. Colors are rich in pigment, allowing dense shading. They do not change on fixing or exposure to light.
Wood-cased Pitt Pastel Pencils do not dirty the fingers, and the leads are free of oils. They can easily be wiped to merge areas of colors, which means that they must then be fixed to protect the drawing.
Pencils are pre-sharpened. Individual lightfastness ratings are printed on each pencil`s casing.

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